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Index of Similia articles

The Journal of the Australian Homoeopathic Association going back to 1998

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Title Author Page
Vol 36, No 1. June 2023    
Hahnemann's evolving practice Peter Morrell 5
Urgent treatment of an inflamed breast cyst Elka Leibovitch 14
Infantile uterus and infertility managed with individualised  classical homoeopathy, two case reports Dr Seema Mahesh 18
Observational Covid case series part 2 Pracjek P, Gray AC, Doherty R, Straiges D 25
Pilgrimage to Leipzig - travelogue Michelle Hookham 35
2022 Survey of prevention Dr Isaac Golden 37
Factions within homoeopathy research Sarah Penrose 46
Obituary for Judith (Judy) Schriebman Anneke Hogeland & Jay Yasgur 48
Obituary for Dr Jonathan Shore Jay Yasgur 49
Book Review - Carola Scheuren & Egon Krannich. Retracing the Origins of Homoeopathy: The Travel Guide Michelle Hookham 53
Book Review - Nancy Herrick, P.A., & Roger Morrison, MD. Miasms of the New Millennium: new insights into the ten miasms Jay Yasgur 54
Vol 35, No 2. December 2022    
Letter to the Editor Dr Sujata Naik, Dr Runali Kelwalkar, Dr Sayai Tilak, Linlee Jordan, Dr Celeste Salter 5
2021 survey of prevention, treatment and detoxification options    for SARS-CoV-2, shedding and vaccine injury: preliminary results Dr Isaac Golden 6
Research Pods: building community resilience and research together Celeste J Salter, Sunny Goddard 15
Activating the underactive thyroid Zilika Jain 21
This pregnancy is a torture and misery Shilpa Bhouraskar 25
Caulophyllum thalictroides: cases and reflection Ann Manning 33
Working with complex children: a heart-centred approach Sarah Valentini 36
Temporary prostate complaints of unclear aetiology Dr Joachim-F. Grätz 40
Oral history project: interview with Peter Morrell Dr David Levy 43
Book Review - Jerry M. Kantor. Sane Asylums: The Success of Homoeopathy Before Psychiatry Lost Its Mind Jay Yasgur 49
Vol 35, No 1. June 2022    
Trituration proving of Australian Acacias (WA) Sally Moore 5
Relationship between organopathy and homoeopathy in view of Dr Burnett Dr J Chotaliya 9
Treating infertility with homoeopathy. An update of the Liz Lalor Homoeopathy Fertility Program Sarah Saunders & Linlee Jordan 12
God, soul and substance: Aristotle and Hahnemann Peter Morrell 18
A lighter and more optimistic era - Interview with Joan Kikos Vera Externest 35
Vale Kate Diamantopoulo Sally Moore 39
Vale Robin Murphy Jay Yasgur 40
Book Review - Dr Joachim-F. Grätz. Gentle Medicine: The True Causes of Disease, Healing and Health Dr David Levy 42
Book Review - Ishwardas Tarkas and Ajit Kulkarni. Absolute Homeopathic Materia Medica. Authentic Desktop Guide Dr Joe Rozencwajg 43
Book Review - Jean-Lionel Bagot MD. Cancer & Homeopathy: How to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and hormone therapy - a practical guide Jay Yasgur 44
Book Review - Steven Johnson et al. Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology Jay Yasgur 45
Book Review - Nyema Hermiston and Jon Gamble. 'Treat Yourself' pocketbook series Susanna Shelton 48
Book Review - Dr Paul Anderson Theriault. A New Era: Homoeopathy and the Human Spirit Dr Joe Rozencwajg 49
Book Review - Luc De Schepper. Examine your Life Through the Carpet Weaver of the Night Ann Manning 51
Vol 34, No 2. December 2021    
Letter to the editor Celeste Salter 5
Safety in case-taking Michelle Hookham 6
On the run in the times of Covid Jon Gamble 12
The concept of susceptibility: in disease and in homoeopathic philosophy Joanne Jordan McIvor 14
Hahnemann and Kant Peter Morrell 18
Let's go back in time: A look at the April 1960 issue of the British Homoeopathic Journal Jay Yasgur 24
A homoeopathic proving of the coronavirus nosode: Novus-CV Kate Birch 28
Interview with Patricia Hatherly David Levy 38
Vale - Dr Parimal Banerji Stephen McDonald 42
Vale - Roger Denne Stephen McDonald and Beverley Deamer 43
Book Review - Jon Gamble. Mastering Chronic Disease: Toxicity, Deficiency and Infection Andrew Samson 44
Book Review - Ewald C.W. Stöteler. Hahnemann's Homeopathy: The Classification and Treatment of Disease According to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann Sarah Baxter 45
Book Review - George Vithoulkas. Materia Medica Viva Volume 13: Kali arsenicosum to  Kreosotum Snehal Sagane 48
Vol 34, No 1. June 2021    
Determining the safety, effects, and efficacy of Novus-CV in homoeopathic dilution in humans for Covid-19 disease prevention Kate Birch, J. Heng, C. Morse, S. Garrison, C. Wood, G. Calvi-Rooney, U. Dobelmann 5
Pharmaceutical Attacks on Homoeopathy – Some Reasons, and Implications for the COVID-19 Response Dr Isaac Golden 22
Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Managed with Classical Homoeopathy: a Case Report Dr Nikhil Jamdar , Dr Seema Mahesh 25
Epilepsy Case Dr Joe Rozencwajg 28
Branding Story - Rebranding the AHA AHA National Council 29
A Neglected String to the Homoeopathic Bow? Madeleine Innocent 33
A Case of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) - Finding the Phantoms Jon Gamble 35
Insomnia, candida parapsilosis, and other nosocomial infections. A Levels of Health case analysis Sarah Penrose 41
Was Hahnemann an Empiricist or an Idealist? Peter Morrell 47
Book Review - Ralph Twentyman. The Science and Art of Healing Jay Yasgur 53
Book Review - Jörg Wichmann. Healing the Homeopathic Way: Uniting Shamanism, Alchemy and Modern Science Celeste Salter 56
Vol 33, No 2. December 2020    
Connecting during Covid-19 Gabrielle Brodie 4
Störck, Hahnemann and COVID-19 Peter Morrell 6
Rational Medical Science According to Dr Carroll Dunham Dr J Chotaliya 12
James William Ward, MD Jay Yasgur 15
Thyroidinum - a deeper dive: the global relevance of structure theory Peter Tumminello 18
Revisiting Classical Homoeopathic Approach to Epidemic Viral Influenza, in the time of Covid-19 Dr Tass Holmes 26
The concept of suppression in current times Divya Bhatt 36
Homoeopathy Lives - Skype interview with Tony Pinkus, Superintendent and Director, Ainsworths Nyema Hermiston 40
Book Review - Dr Joe Rozencwajg. Third Millenium Homeopathy. The Early Decades. Renée Grigg 50
Book Review - Chris Kurz, PhD. Imagine Homoeopathy. A book of Experiments, Images, and Metaphors Anna Tcepkova  52
Dr Sananès Jay Yasgur 54
NOTE: due to an internal numbering error there is no Vol 32 No. 2 or Vol 33 No. 1.    
Vol 32, No 1. July 2020    
Letter to the Editor Barbara Armstrong 6
Long-term Homoeoprophylaxis Study in Children in the United States - Part Two Kate Birch, Su Sandon, Sarah Damlo, Kim Lane 8
A Revised Homoeoprophylaxis Program for Australia in 2020 Dr Isaac Golden 20
Sustaining Homoeopathy in Australia: Results and Analysis of First National Practice Survey CJ Salter, G Brodie, L Jordan, L Mattiolo, A Manning, S Bhouraskar and DC Levy 23
The Hahnemann Casebooks: His Use of Potency Peter Morrell 30
Homoeopathy Lives: Australian Oral History Project - Roslyn Blackwood Interviewed by Vera Externest 36
74th Sorrento, Italy, LIGA Conference Report Jay Yasgur 42
Homoeopathy Study in India Tamar Boas 47
Book Review - Dr Isaac Golden. Vaccine Injured Children, 21st Century Tragedy, Treatment, Prevention, Reasons Phillip Hendry 49
Book Review - Richard Pitt. Comparative Materia Medica Integrating new and old remedies David Haubenschild 50
Book Review - Jerry Kantor. Autism Reversal Toolbox - Remedies, Strategies, Resources Kylie Turner 51
Book Review - Viktoria Bodrogi. Waterworld: Fish in Homoeopathy Madeleine Innocent 52
Vol 31, No 2. December 2019    
Hahnemann's Preferred Drugs Peter Morell 5
Practical Utility of Family History in Homoeopathic Practice Dr Ehtesham Khan 11
Large Homoeoprophylaxis Interventions by Government Institutions Dr Isaac Golden PhD 14
Long-term Homoeoprophylaxis Study in Children in the United States Kate Birch, Su Sandon, Sarah Damlo, Kim Lane 20
Architecture of the Psyche Peter Tumminello 29
Connecting Homoeopaths Sunny Goddard 35
Homoeopathy Lives: Australian Oral History Project Interview with Tjok Kerthyasa Nyema Hermiston 38
Interview with Bev Deamer Judy Smyth 43
Book Review - Aarti Patel, N.D., Picture It: Homeopathy. A picture based guide to homeopathic remedies and personalities Liesbeth Goodsell 46
Book Review - Liz Lalor, A Psychological Analysis of the Delusion Rubric Jenni Tree 46
Book Review - Michal Yakir, Wondrous Order - Systematic Table of Homeopathic Plant Remedies Jane Lindsay 47
Obituary - Lesley Lee Vera Externest 50
Vol 31, No 1. June 2019    
A Reflection on Gut Disease over Three Decades Jon Gamble 5
Drugs, Dysbiosis and the Bowel Nosodes Sarah Penrose 12
Clinical Experience with Bowel Nosodes Melanie Creedy 19
Chronic Candidiasis and Ulcerative Colitis - Two Cases Dr David Levy 26
The Anorectal Dilemma Dr Zilika Jain 29
A Case of Non-Healing Wound after Inguinal Hernia Repair Dr Ehtesham Khan 34
Hahnemann's First Polychrests Peter Morell 36
Homoeopathy's 'dark night of the soul': reflections on professional transition in Australia Dr David Levy 39
Interview between Peter Tumminello and David Levy Dr David Levy 42
Book Review - Anthony Bickley, Bowel Nosodes: a practice handbook Melanie Creedy 48
Vol 30, No 2. December 2018    
Obituary - Dr Peter Fisher   5
Prejudice (Evidence-Based Medicine) v/s Freedom of Prejudice (Homoeopathy) Divya Bhatt 6
Confronting the Diseased Healthcare System: some causes and cures Dr Isaac Golden 9
The Hahnemann Casebooks Part 3: a Selection of Cases Peter Morrell 14
Potentised Drugs & Vaccines  Tautopathy: logic of clinical application Anne McFarlane 21
A Plutonium nitricum case Liz Lalor 26
A Case of Cyclic Vomiting Beth Goodwin 30
Have I gone backwards? A case of Lac Suillinum Patricia Hatherly 34
Australian Homoeopathic Medicine Conference   38
Distinguished Service Award: Jim Clark   46
Son of a homoeopath Mani Norland 47
Book Review - Sally Moore, Colostrum  Book 1 of the Journeys from Substance series Patricia Hatherly 51
Book Review - Mateja Cernic, PhD. Ideological Constructs of Vaccination Dr Joe Rozencwajg 52
Vol 30, No 1. June 2018    
Hahnemann: Great Researcher of His Times Divya Bhatt 6
The Hahnemann Casebooks Part 2 - Continuity and Change Peter Morrell 9
To Study the Efficacy of Amyl Nytrosum and Rauwolfia Serpentina Mother Tincture in the Management of Hypertension Dr. Parth Aphale 19
Use of Homoeoprophylaxis in Three Countries Dr. Isaac Golden 23
Resolving Trauma Shocks with Megapotency Homoeopathy Jill R. Turland 28
"Journeys from Substance" book series - The result of the experience of the trituration process Sally Moore 32
Book Review - Manfred Mueller. Homeopathic Cancer Drugs. Oncology Materia Medica Dr. Joe Rozencwajg 36
Book Review - Janice Block, MD. Cardiac examination in Homoeopathy: A practical approach to examination, in the tradition of the homoeopathic masters. Dr. Joe Rozencwajg 37
Book Review - Peter L. Tumminello. Psyche and Structure: Crystals and minerals in homeopathy Rochelle Hadjiloukas 37
Vol 29, No 2. December 2017    
The Hahnemann Casebooks - an Introduction Peter Morrell 6
A Study of the Effectiveness of Rhus toxicodendron in the Management of Cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis Dr. Parth Aphale 10
An Innovative Method of Accelerated Learning Linlee Jordan 14
Journey of itchgoes Ilma Hynson 17
Proving of a Morning Sickness Combination Formula Alastair Gray, Linlee Jordan and Penny Barron 21
Lac caninum David Lilley 24
The Wolf - Scapegoat of Humanity - David Lilley & Geoff Johnson Jane Lindsay 27
School of Homoeopathy invited to meet HRH Mani Norland 29
Book Review – Dr. Joe Rozencwajg. Fibonacci Potencies The famous final words... for now Peter Berryman 30
Book Review – Dr. Rajan Sankaran. Dog, Yogi, Banyan Tree Patricia Hatherly 31
Book Review – Elizabeth Adalian. Touching Base with Trauma Liz Lalor 31
Book Review – Dr Bhawisha Joshi (M.D.) & Dr Shachindra Joshi (M.D.). Homoeopathy & Patterns in Mammals  Fiona Provan 32
Book Review – Alice A Kuzniar. The Birth of Homoeopathy out of the Spirit of Romanticism David Levy 33
Book Review – Collin Griffiths. The Comprehensive Repertory of New Homoeopathic Remedies: A Guide to Strategic Prescribing Jenni Tree 34
Book Review – Peter Drew. Understanding and Treating the PERSON with Cancer For Homoeopaths and the Person with Cancer Celeste Salter 35
AHA wins national award for Your Health Your Choice campaign Leisa Goddard 37
Vol 29, No 1. June 2017    
A review of the ethics of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) focus on homoeopathy, 2010-2015 - Part 2 Gerry Dendrinos 5
“Men-O-Pause- Face It” Dr. Parth Aphale 16
Homoeopathy and Hormones: the Historical Context Peter Morrell 20
Discovering Causes of Endocrine Disease Jon Gamble 23
High Copper, Environmental Toxicity and Thyroidinum Melanie Creedy 30
INSULIN FREE STATUS for Insulin Dependent Diabetics Vivienne Weinstock 36
Homoeopathic Management Of Thyroiditis Dr Farokh Master 41
A Case of Hyperthyroidism: the case of Gail Fran Sheffield 44
Book Review – Richard Pitt. Comparative Materia Medica, Integrating New & Old Remedies Sandra Venables 47
Book Review – Mary Glaisyer. The Special Therapeutics of Bruce Barwell Rosalind Leslie 48
Book Review – Dr Sandy Dinsdale. Medicine with Meaning: A Doctor Discovers the Healing Power of Homoeopathy Megan Crook 49
Vol 28, No 2. December 2016    
A review of the ethics of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) focus on homoeopathy, 2010-2015 - Part 1 Gerry Dendrinos 5
Homoeopathy 2005 to 2015: A Decade of Conflict Dr Isaac Golden 16
Social Media in your Practice Leah Zinn 24
Reflection on TGA complaint Melanie Creedy 26
The ethics of 'Daily Deal' advertising Sylvia Hicks 28
To treat or not to treat, that is the question: an ethical dilemma Carolyn Graham 30
Navigating challenging cases: ethics, culture and best interests Ben Gadd 33
'Unhiding' - Ethical Dilemmas of Being a Homœopath Tamar Boas 38
The Ballarat Free Homœopathic Dispensary Barbara Armstrong 40
The 10th Australian Homœopathic Medicine Conference (AHMC) 2016 Megan Crook 44
Book Review – Patricia Le Roux. Homeo-Kids, Sixty portraits of homeopathic remedies for children from birth to twelve years Monica Dunne 51
Book Review – Heidi Brand and Norbert Groeger. Chara Intermedia, The Cleaning Power of an Ancient Alga, A Homeopathic Proving with Essence, Rubrics & Cases Vera Externest 51
Book Review – Erik van Woensel. Case Analysis in Homeopathy, Strategies and Techniques, Theory, Case Studies Dr Linda Hanson 52
Book Review – Dr. Mautitius Fortier Bernoville - translated by Dr. Rajkuma Mukeerji with additions by Kate Birch. Homeopathic Therapeutics of the Diseases of the Liver and Biliary Ducts Jenni Tree 54
Vol 28, No 1. June 2016    
Legacy of a Passionate Woman Remembering Ana Teresa Lamaro Alana Kidd 5
Proof that Homœopathic Medicines Contain Matter Dr Isaac Golden 7
A Homœopathic Adventure in India Dennis Ryan 8
Vaccination versus homœoprophylaxis: Is it Disease Eradication or Educating the Immune System towards the disease we are after? Kate Birch 12
Hahnemann's Conception of the First Organon Peter Morrell 16
The Thinking Environment - An ideal model for homœopathic consultations Michelle Hookham 18
Seven Levels of Human Development Dr. Bhawisha Joshi MD 23
Move or Die - Sense Dimensional Perspective on a Case of ADHD Jerry M. Kantor 28
Too Cool for School - getting back on track with Lac Cameli Dromedarii Patricia Hatherly 32
Vipera xanthina Case Study with Essence Dr. Konstantinos Pisios MD 35
A New Face - Bob Blair: From Sensation to Prescription - Applying the Sensation Method in Practice David Haubenschild 38
Michal Yakir in Australia - Beginning the Journey into Michal Yakir's Wondrous Order of Plants Joanne Greenland 39
Book Review – Dr Bhawisha Joshi MD. Explore Your Inner Human - Animal Connection Sue Haynes 42
Book Review – Michel Bouko Levy MD. Homeopathic Drainage Jenni Tree 42
Book Review – Alize Timmerman. Treatment of Human Development Disorders Willi Redding 43
Book Review – Jerry M Kantor. Interpreting Chronic Illness: The convergence of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Biomedicine Greg Cope 44
Book Review – Dr Joe Rozencwajg NMD. Elementary Nutrition for Homeopaths Christine Pope 45
Book Review – Jerry M Kantor. Autism Reversal Toolbox Strategies, Remedies, Resources Mike Andrews 46
Vol 27, No 2. December 2015    
The Bali Project 2015 Jane Lindsay 5
A personal tour of Hobart's homœopathic history Barbara Armstrong 8
The Fish Knows Everything Anne Vervarcke 11
Animal cases: Pacific Salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha Camilla Sherr 16
Hippocampus kuda A Seahorse Case Joanne Greenland 20
New Medicines, New Perspectives: A Case of Octopus (Eledone cirrhosa) Keith Avedissian 25
Case of Ensis, the Razor Shell Antonia Maks 28
Diving is safe - it gives me comfort A case of Dolphin's milk, Lac delphinum Mike Andrews 32
What is Suppression? Peter Morrell 34
The Homœopathic Proving of Naufragium Helvetia (The shipwreck of The Helvetia) Mary L English 37
The Lunar Cycles Peter Fraser 42
'The Madness of Lighthouse Keepers' The Light Between Oceans Mel Downing 45
Book Review – Margriet Plouvier-Suijs. About Potencies Sandra Venables 47
Book Review – Drs Bhawisha & Shachindra Joshi. Quick Book of Minerals Fiona Provan 47
Book Review – Mike Andrews. Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder Philip Bailey 49
Book Review – Dr. Nancy Herrick and Dr. Roger Morrison. Miasms of the New Millenium Joanne Greenland 49
Vol 27, No 1. June 2015    
Response to the final NH&MRC report in March 2015 Dr Isaac Golden 5
Thank you, sceptics Mani Norland 9
Companion animal case taking and cases Diana Kopatsy 11
Case Taking with Animals - Healing a long-term chronic skin allergy with Pulsatilla Henry Stephenson 14
Homœopathic treatment of cancer for animals Geoff Johnson 17
Snippets of animal cases from veterinarian Christina Chambreau Christina Chambreau 20
Case of Musca domestica Antonia Maks 21
The hair of the dog that bit you Mel Downing 24
Focussed Mindfulness and Homœopathy in the Treatment of a Sepia Case Clare Walters 30
Of Snakes, Spiders and Shamans Robert Müntz 33
Book Review – Dr Isaac Golden. The Complete Practitioner's Manual of Homœoprophylaxis Megan Crook 39
Book Review – Luc de Schepper. Discovering Life: Homœopathic Portraits. An In-depth Modern Clinical Materia Medica Henry Stephenson 40
Book Review – Robert Medhurst. The Concordant Clinical Homeopathic Repertory Ben Gadd 41
Book Review – Louis Klein. Orchids in Homeopathy Jane Lindsay 42
Vol 26, No 2. December 2014    
The 9th Homœopathic Medicine Conference - Hobart Carolyn Graham 5
Treatment in Epidemics: Travels with Dr. Isaac Golden Dr Isaac Golden 11
Homœopathy at Woodford Folk Festival Dennis Ryan 14
Himalayan Seminar with Dr Farokh Master Cathy Nolan & Camilla Gold 18
Challenges to Teaching 'The Homœopathic Proving' in Australian CAM Colleges Anne MacFarlane, Shashi Reddy, Greg Cope 20
Proving of Desmodium elegans Liz Lalor 23
Not Welcome in My Country - a case of Lac Macropi Gigantei Patricia Hatherly 26
An Interview with Dr Suriya Osman Nyema Hermiston & Linlee Jordan 30
Victoria's first homœopathic practitioners Barbara Armstrong 34
Book Review: Arjen Pasma Practice Makes Perfect - Practice Book for the Repertory David Levy 39
Book Review – Chetna Shukla. The Quintessence of Homeopathic Remedies Patricia Hatherly 40
Book Review – Ashok Borkar. Pathology Factor in Remedy Selection Jim Veljanovski 40
Book Review – Richard Moskowitz. Plain Doctoring: Selected Writings 1983-2013 Jenni Tree 41
Book Review – Richard H Pitcairn and Wendy Jensen. New World Veterinary Repertory Henry Stephenson 41
Amendments to Book Review – Jan Scholten. Wonderful Plants [Similia Vol.26 No. 1] Ana Lamaro 50
Vol 26, No 1. June 2014    
Obituary – Alan Jones Jill Turland 5
Letters to the Editor – NHMRC Draft Information Paper   6
Medical Evidence, Non-Science and Homœopathy Dr. Isaac Golden 9
Homoeopathy and Mental Health – Hahnemann’s Perspective Michelle Hookham 15
Back to Basics Grant Bentley 20
Brachychiton Rupestris – a group trituration to C4 Patricia Hatherly 23
The World of Pteridophyta Evolution and Common Denominators Jörg Wichmann 31
New Insights into Materia Medica Dr Jawahar Shah 38
A Case of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Tongue Dr Farokh Master 41
General Patterning for Homœopathic Case Analysis Louise Barton 43
Deep Listening – A Review of Alize Timmermann’s Seminar in Auckland, New Zealand, November 2013 Genevieve Ahearne 47
Book Review – Editors: Gudrun Bornhoft and Peter Matthiessen. Homeopathy in Healthcare: Effectiveness, Appropriateness, Safety, Costs An HTA report on homeopathy as part of the Swiss Complementary Medicine Evaluation Programme Dr Linda Hanson 49
Book Review – Richard Pitt. The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel and Home Dr Isaac Golden 50
Book Review – Jan Scholten. Wonderful Plants Ana Lamaro 50
Food – A Friend to Health Debra Pannowitz 52
Vol 25, No 2. December 2013    
Seminar Reviews: The Bali Project Contributions from Catherine Angel, and others 5
HRI Conference – Barcelona 2013 Cathy Nolan 9
Sarcodes: Function Richard Pitt (USA) 10
Dodgy Bed Fellows: Oestrogen and Copper Jon Gamble 15
The Sarcode Corticotropinum Alicia Lee (NZ) 19
Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex and Lac Humanum Patricia Hatherly 24
Hormonal Imbalance: the Wall between Happiness and Unhappiness. Three Steps to Break this Wall Dr. Dinesh Chauhan (India) 29
I Can’t Help It – It’s my Hormones Anne Vervarcke, Christel Lombaerts & Ronen Levy 34
I need the ultimate bond – Placenta Humanum case Ghanshyam Kalathia (India) 41
Book Review – Alastair Gray. The Landscape of Homeopathic Medicine – Method Vol 2 Sandra Venables 45
Book Review – RS Pareek and Alok Pareek. Homeopathy for Acutes and Emergencies: A Practical Guide Dr. Nick Goodman 46
Vol 25, No 1. June 2013    
Empirical and Evidence-based Homœopathy: Back to Basics David Levy 5
Back to Basics ???!!! With a Look at an Agraphis nutans case Shashi Reddy 9
Candida Mix A Case Study and Information about Candidemia Danny Ron 12
Homœopathy and Hepatitis C – The basis for a successful practice Camilla Gold 16
Buddleia Davidii: A Tool for Trauma Treatment Wiet va Helmond and Alize Timmerman 21
Papilio lowi: An example of metamorphosis and transformation Jenna Shamat and Alize Timmerman 25
Obituary – John Manton Maitland Nyema Hermiston 29
A Contemplation of Metamorphosis Provings of Three Butterfly Medicines Evelyn Feltes and Otmar Neuhöfer 30
I do not want to go to Grandpa’s house! Finding the medicine using a comparative approach in repertorisation. A Case of Fever after Fright Shilpa Bhouraskar 36
Bald-Headed Eagle (Haliaeetus leucophalus) case Mike Andrews 40
Sepia: a discussion Liz Lalor 44
Book Review – Margriet Plouvier-Suijs. The Last Series Ai-Ling Su Makewell 48
Book Review – Dr. Rajan Sankaran. The Synergy in Homœopathy – An Integrated Approach to Case Taking and Analysis Shilpa Bhouraskar 49
Book Review – Jeremy Sherr. Helium – Including an introduction to the noble gases Jenni Tree 49
Vol 24, No 2. December 2012    
Conference Review Megan Crook 5
Gems as a Family – The Gems Peter Tumminello 10
Sapphire Jeremy Sherr 14
Ironing in the Prayers – A Case of Turquoise immersion Genevieve Scase 17
A Jewel of a Case Dr. Dinesh Chauhan 19
Rhodonite Kerry Schweigert 23
Nobody’s Sister and Nobody’s Daughter – loss of identity Peter Tumminello 26
Jewels – The Beauty, Power and Mystery Rochelle Hadjiloukas 29
Supervision: Opening Windows Zofia Dymitr 33
Influenza and its relationship to the Sycotic Miasm Dr. Filip Degroote 36
A Revised Six-Year Homœoprophylaxis Program Dr. Isaac Golden 40
Curious and Curiouser: The Role of Imagination in Provings Genevieve Ahearne 43
Book Review – Peter Tumminello. Rose Quartz Garden of the Heart Patricia Hatherly 47
Book Review – Janita Venema. PresentChild Jenni Tree 47
Book Review – Dr. Bhawisha and Dr. Shachindra Joshi. Nosodes and Imponderables Come Alive Jenni Tree 48
Book Review – Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman. The Homeopathic Treatment of Depression and Anxiety Michelle Hookham 48
Book Review – Peter Chappell and Harry van der Zee. Homeopathy for Diseases Patricia Hatherly 49
Book Review – Tinus Smits. Autism: Beyond Despair – CEASE Therapy Fran Sheffield 50
Vol 24, No 1. June 2012    
Seminar Reviews – Snehi Jarvis: The Bowel Nosodes Val Probert 5
Notes from Havana (and other observations from a “rogue operator”) Dr. Isaac Golden 6
Provings Jeremy Sherr 8
Proving Medicines at the Holistic Level Drs. Urvi and Dinesh Chauhan 12
The Place of the University in the Provision of CAM Education Kate Chatfield, Hazel Partington & Jean Duckworth 16
Peeking Behind the Veil – a Little Eagle Proving Story Gerry Dendrinos 21
Uluru and the Kangaroo…Tales from the Dreamtime Patricia Hatherly 25
The Story of a Modern Day Chamomilla Proving Cindy Lane, Carli Osborne, Jane Saunders, Sarah Valentini, Bronwyn Thurling and Mindy Gill 29
More Than Just a Clinic Interview with Didi Ananda Ruchira Linlee Jordan & Nyema Hermiston 34
The Early Provings Peter Morrell 38
John Hickson Bell – An Early Victorian Homœopath Barbara Armstrong 41
Book Review – Pierre Schmidt. The Art of Case Taking: Selected extracts from the writings of Pierre Schmidt. Translated by Alain Naudé Ben Gadd 45
Book Review – Erik van Woensel. Classical Homeopathy Evidence Based Medicine: Case Studies, Long term treatment, Theory: Vol 1 Linda Hanson (PhD) 45
Book Review – Vicki Mathison. Homeopathic Remedy Pictures for Animals Henry Stephenson 46
Book Review – Stephanie Nile. Structuralism and the Plant Kingdom Vol : Monocots Joanne Greenland 47
Book Review – Kate Birch. Vaccine Free; Prevention & Treatment of Infectious Contageous Disease with Homeopathy; A Manual for Practitioners and Consumers Vera Externest 47
Book Review – Patricia Le Roux. The Actinides in Homeopathy: Uranium, Plutonium and Other Radioactive Substances of the Uranium Series Ai-Ling Su Makewell 48
Vol 23, No 2. December 2011    
Seminar Reviews – Diana Kopatsty: Talk to the Animals Jessica Steele 5
Andre Saine: Case Analysis and Management Jim Veljanovski 6
Dr. Filip Degroote: Verifying Homoeopathic Remedies Clinically Glynis Thomson 7
Monera: The Hidden Kingdom of Bacteria What Use are Miasms? Jenni Tree 9
Monera: The Vital Approach Anne Vervarcke 14
Pica: The Visible Psoric Miasm Spero Latchis 17
A Contemporary View of Hahnemann’s Theory of the Chronic Miasms Jim Veljanovski 19
Vale Patricia Le Roux   22
By Pulling the Tail you Catch the Whole Animal! Ghanshyam Kalathi 23
A Skype Interview with the very contemporary Dr Neha Seth From Mumbai Bernadette English & Linlee Jordan 27
John Bell Hickson – An Early Victorian Homoeopath Part 1 Barbara Armstrong 30
New Research Funds Available for Australian Homoeopaths Dr. Isaac Golden 34
Of Mousetraps and Ping-pong Balls Analogies in Homoeopathy John Caporale 35
Dos and Don’ts of Advertising Your Practice Jon Gamble 37
Is Your Practice TGA-Proof? My personal experience of the complaints process Melanie Creedy 38
Book Review – Anne Vervarcke. The Vital Approach Joanne Greenland 41
Book Review – Patricia Le Roux. Butterflies: An innovative guide to the use of butterfly remedies in homeopathy Val Probert 41
Book Review – Liz Lalor. Homeopathic Psychiatry – Understanding the use and meaning of the delusion rubrics in case analysis Jenni Tree 42
Book Review – Francis Treuherz. Genius of Homeopathy – A collection of 19th century writings on Hahnemann and homeopathy Alastair Gray 42
Book Review – Alastair Gray. Case Taking: The Landscape of Homeopathic Medicine Anne MacFarlane 43
Book Review – Ian Watson. The Homeopathic Miasms – A Modern View Jenni Tree 44
Book Review – HRH The Prince of Wales. Harmony…a new way of looking at our world Patricia Hatherly 44
Vol 23, No 1. June 2011    
Seminar Review – Alize Timmerman. Gifts from the Mother – Gifts for Life Genevieve Ahearne 5
Conversation with Artists and Scientists: Is homœopathy an art or a science? Penny Barron 7
Materia Medica Pura – 200th Anniversary Essay Peter Morrell 9
Diversity in the Practice of Homœopathy – A discussion of the Literature Leanne Hoy 15
Obstacles to Cure – Toxic Heavy Metals and Chemicals Jon Gamble 19
Homœopathy and Pathology – an eclectic approach Dr Joe Rozencwajg 24
Histrionic Personality Disorder and Homœopathy Navneet Bidani 27
Curare – My family is shattering my world Alicia Lee 29
The Homœopathic Treatment of Acute Pancreatitis Keith Avedissian 34
Disc Compression and Cartilage Rebuilding Jill Turland 39
For the Love of Oxytocin Angela Hair 40
A Simple Case – Henoch-Schönlein Purpura (H-S-P) Gwyneth Evans 43
Book review – Dr Philip Bailey. Lac Remedies in Practice Liz Lalor 45
Book review – Patricia Hatherly. The Lacs – A Materia Medica & Repertory Lesley Lee 45
Book review – Dr Joe Rozencwajg. Organotherapy, Drainage & Detoxification Jon Gamble 46
Book review – Alicia Lee. Homeopathic Mind Maps – A Trilogy Jenni Tree 47
Book review – Ulrich Welte. The Periodic Table in Homeopathy – The Silver Series Ana Lamaro 47
Book review – Dr Dinesh Chauhan. A Wander With A Little Wonder: Child-Centric Case Witnessing Sue Haynes 48
Book review – Jon Gamble. Toxicity, Deficiency & Infection: A Practitioner’s Manual – Mastering Homeopathy 3 – Obstacles to Cure Jenni Tree 48
Book review – George Vithoulkas. Levels of Health – Practical applications and cases Jim Veljanovski 49
Vol 22, No 2. December 2010    
Letter – response to article by Tirtha Goradia re the analysis of depression by kingdom and article by Harry van der Zee re healing of collective trauma by homœopathy Emilia Foster Spinelli 5
Letter – response Emilia Foster Spinelli’s letter Jenni Tree 5
Letter – response Emilia Foster Spinelli’s letter Peter Chappel & Harry van der Zee 6
The 7th Australian Homœopathic Medicine Conference 2010 AHA (VIC) Branch Committee, Rhette Drury, Michelle Hookham, Ben Gadd, Celia Cornick, Vera Externest 7
Homœopathy by Numbers – Water Medicine in the Solomon Islands Jane Lindsay 11
Himalayan Sensation Seminar Kerry Larkman & Marian Peters 14
Clinical Practice Without Using Kentian Essence Prescribing Grant Bentley 18
Need to be the Life of the Party – Shining, Dazzling Exterior or Chromium Ai-Ling Su Makewell 24
Obstacles to Cure: The Copper Children Jon Gamble 27
The Pitfalls in Teaching the Sensation Method – a case of threshold concepts Christel Lombaerts 33
Eclecticism and Homœopathy Marian Peters 36
The Individualized Diet – ‘A universal diet like the universal medicine is an idle dream!’ - Hahnemann Dr Chetna N. Shukla 38
South Australia’s Unregistered ‘Homœopathists’ of 1886 Barbara Armstrong 44
Book review – Dr Joe Rozencwajg. The Potency: a unified theory and practice of modern homeopathic posology Peter Berriman 49
Book review – Ulrich Welte. Colors in Homeopathy Peter Tumminello 49
Book review – Grant Bentley. Soul & Survival – The Common Human Experience John Maitland 50
Book review – Linda Johnston. The Child’s World: New Approaches to the Homœopathic Treatment of Children Linlee Jordan 52
Book review – Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch. The Source in Homeopathy – Cosmic diversity and Individual talent Shilpa Bhouraskar 53
Vol 22, No 1. June 2010    
Depression – An Overview Trudy Morgan 5
Healing Collective Trauma with Homoeopathy Harry van der Zee 9
Homoeopathy and Mental Health Research John Stewart 13
Order from Chaos. Managing Challenging Statements and Behaviour in Clinic Michelle Hookham 16
Confusion, Disorientation and Depression. Treated with Agnus Cactus Keith Avedissian 22
I Just Can’t Face Doing It. A Case of Apathetic Depression Philip Bailey 27
An Analysis of Depression by Kingdom Tirtha Goradia 31
The Law and George Bollen: A Man of Influence Barbara Armstrong 35
Organon 200th Anniversary Peter Morrell 41
Book review – edited by CK Johannes, PhD and H van der Zee, MD: Homeopathy and Mental Health Care. Integrative Practice, Principles and Research Michelle Hookham 48
Book review – Allan Bonsall. Beyond Avogadro’s Number Peter Torokfalvy 49
Book review – George Vithoulkas. Materia Medica Viva Volume 12 Angy Plataniotis 49
Book review – Patricia Le Roux. Metals in Homeopathy. Core essences and paediatric cases for all the elements of the Iron, Silver and Gold series Ai-Ling Su Makewell 49
Book review – Louis Klein. Miasms and Nosodes. Origin of Disease Volume 1 Jim Veljanovski 50
Book review – Jo Evans. Sea Remedies – Evolution of the Senses Jane Lindsay 51
Vol 21, No 2. December 2009    
Conference Report – ANZAME 2009 David Levy 5
A Week with Andre Saine Jim Veljanovski 7
Early Knowledge of Homœopathy in the Australian Colonies (History of Homœopathy in Australia) Barbara Armstrong 9
Sense and Sensibility in the Sea Remedies: The Sense of Touch Jo Evans 14
This Land is your Land? This Land is my Land? The story of the milk of the kangaroo: Lac macropi gigantei Patricia Hatherly 20
Culex musca Peter Fraser 23
Culex pervigilans: An invasion of privacy Tina Burchill 25
Ambra grisea: A forgotten medicine Mike Andrews 29
Lachesis: Trapped in her Father’s house! Shilpa Bhouraskar 33
Falco peregrinus: Let me out of the room or I will explode! Anne Vervarcke 38
Unfurling a Child’s Altered Pattern Through Art Dinesh Chauhan 41
Book review – Peter Alex. The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease Dr Nick Goodman 44
Book review - Melissa Assilem. Gifts of the Mother: Matridonal Remedies of the Humanum Family Patricia Hatherly 45
Book review – Peter Fraser. Insects – Escaping the Earth Jenni Tree 45
Book review – Peter Fraser. Spiders – Suspended between Earth and Sky Jenni Tree 45
Vol 21, No 1. June 2009    
Reflections from Cuba: Nosodes 2008, Conference in Havana Isaac Golden 5
Eucalyptus Steve Olsen 8
Walnut, Pecan & Hickory: breaking the bounds and entering a different world Frans Vermeulen 12
The Proving of Rudraksha – Elaeocarpus ganitrus Dr Chetna Shukla 19
Materia Medica Gems Peter Tumminello 24
Conversation with Sheila Ryan: Vital Practice Ben Gadd 27
Reflections on the Therapeutic Relationship Alastair Gray 31
Hyoscyamus niger; A case series analysis P. Barron, L. Jordan 37
Book review – Frans Vermeulen. Fungi, Kingdom Fungi: Spectrum Materia Medica Volume 2 Peter Berryman  
Book review – Harry van der Zee. Homœopathy for Birth Trauma Patricia Hatherly 44
Book review – Steve Olsen. Arbor Medical Volumes I and II Jenni Tree 45
Vol 20, No 2. December 2008    
The 6th Australian Homœopathic Medicine Conference 2008 AHA (NSW Branch) Committee 5
Knowing when to act Jim Veljanowski 12
Australia’s first female homœopathic doctor (History of Homœopathy in Australia) Barbara Armstrong 17
Treating Maryam (Part 2) (re miasms) Suriya Osman 24
Lac Delphinum … the homœopathic midwife Patricia Hatherly 27
The universal resonance and energy of a luna case Liz Lalor 31
A case of osteomyelitis: Staphylococcinum and Aurum Metallicum Cecille Jones 37
Thinking in and out of the box Jan Scholten 40
Book review – Jan Scholten. Secret Lanthanides Julia Twohig 43
Review – Rachel Roberts. MatMed Cards Jeanette Newing 44
Book review – Peter Fraser. Using Realms in Homœopathy and Using Mappa Mundi in Homœopathy (from The Using Maps and Systems in Homœopathy series Ann Raven 44
Book review – Robert Medhurst. The Business of Healing (2nd ed) Barbara Armstrong 45
Placebo! Tim Boyle 46
Vol 20, No 1. June 2008    
Letter – response to Isaac Golden’s letter in previous edition George Dimitriadis 5
Letter – accreditation achievements of the A.H.A. and associations, the result of working together for the common good Isaac Golden 5
Letter George Dimitriadis 6
The soul of imbalance (re symptom analysis) George Vithoulkas 7
Homœopathy and the treatment of autism spectrum disorders (Part 2) Fran Sheffield 11
Lachesis and the birth of delusions Luc de Schepper 24
Two early homœopathic pharmacies in Melbourne (History of Homœopathy in Australia) Barbara Armstrong 31
A medical diagnosis aids remedy selection (Part 2) Jon Gamble 38
Edzard Ernst and the ultimate delusion Carol Boyce 40
Treating Maryam (Part 1) (re miasms) Suriya Osman 46
Vol 19, No 2. December 2007    
Letter – response to Isaac Golden’s article re the universal reportorial method George Dimitriadis 6
Letter – response to George Dimitriadis’s letter Isaac Golden 7
Letter – response to David Levy’s remarks re Peter Fraser’s article on being an outsider Peter Fraser 7
Homœopathy and the treatment of autism spectrum disorders (Part 1) Fran Sheffield 9
Seminar review – MINDD International Forum 2007 (Foreword by Michelle Hookham) Maryanne Logan & Kathy Harris  15
Family Fabaceae (Part 2) Frans Vermeulen 16
A medical diagnosis aids remedy selection (Part 1) Jon Gamble 23
Australia’s first “home-grown” homœopath (History of homœopathy in Australia) Barbara Armstrong 24
Homœopathy and humbug: update on homœopathy in the UK (See next edition, P48, for some amendments to the references listed in this article) Carol Boyce 28
Self-directed learning in homœopathic education: revisiting adult learning Linlee Jordan & Linda Beaver 32
Book review – Linlee Jordan. Challenging Children: Success with Homœopathy Anne MacFarlane 35
Book review – Grant Bentley. Homœopathic Facial Analysis: Companion volume to Appearance and Circumstance John Maitland 35
Vol 19, No 1. June 2007    
Letter – response to article re the history of homœopathy in Tasmania Barbara Armstrong 5
Letter – response to Peter Fraser’s article on being an outsider (See also response in next edition) David Levy 5
Getting in touch with the correct remedy George Vithoulkas 6
Magnus Pharma and the golden goose. The case of allopathy. Implications for homœopathy Carol Boyce 9
Family Fabaceae (Part 1) Frans Vermeulen 13
The universal reportorial method. Or what I learned from Roger van Zandvoort (See also letters in next edition) Isaac Golden 16
A study on irritable-bowel syndrome Jon Gamble 19
The Adelaide Homœopathic Dispensary (History of homœopathy in Australia) Barbara Armstrong 22
Science catches up with homœopathy Carol Boyce 28
The beauty of homœopathy. Interview with NZ homœopath Jannie Rienstra Birgit Blankers 30
Implausible. The history of homœopathy in Tasmania (Part 2)  Shane Humpherys 31
Book review – Madeline Evans. Meditative Provings. Vols 1 & 2 Susan Jack 45
Book review – Jon Gamble. Mastering Homœopathy 2: The Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Kathy Harris 46
Vol 18, No 2. December 2006    
Homœopaths and the Law of Similars Isaac Golden 3
Homœopathy is all about listening – interview with NZ homœopath Yvonne McDonald Birgit Blankers 8
What is a homœopath? Eleven viewpoints Various Australian homœopaths 10
On being a homœopath. And on being an outsider (See also letter in response by David Levy, in next edition, Page 5) Peter Fraser 13
Implausible. The history of homœopathy in Tasmania (Part 1) (See also letter in next edition, Page 5) Shane Humpherys 16
The 5th Australian Homœopathic Medicine Conference 2006 AHA (WA Branch) Conference Committee 20
A proving of a live blue triangle butterfly Heidi Wedd 29
Bird flu myths Nyema Hermiston 33
A case of a well-triturated remedy Alize Timmerman 40
The introduction of homœopathy to Adelaide (History of homœopathy in Australia) Barbara Armstrong 42
Vol 18, No 1. June 2006    
Hahnemann’s good reputation & empirical stance Peter Morrell 4
Homoeopathic tete-a-tete – Alastair Gray & Frederik Schroyens Greg Cope ed. 10
Australia’s first homœopath (History of homœopathy in Australia) Barbara Armstrong 16
Strategies that enhance learning in homœopathy for the large group Linlee Jordan 19
The homoeopathic development of students for clinic Keith Avedissian 23
Polypharmacy (See also Page 7 of next edition.) Denise Lewis 27
A case of one-sided disease Renee Blanchardt 31
Obstacles to cure and the tests that reveal them Nyema Hermiston 34
Case study: the similimum = symptom free on all levels Jon Gamble 37
A case of sacharum officinale Jon Gamble 39
In search of a more exact prescription – a journey of discovery towards understanding lac humanum Patricia Hatherly 40
Seminar review – Barbara Armstrong: risky business  Pam Sutton 44
Book review – Celia Cornick. Thoughts on I am ME: an autobiography of the Human Being – by one of us Maryanne Mitchell 45
Book review – Jackie Fitzgerald. Animals, Homœopathy & My Life John Maitland 46
Vol 17, No 2. December 2005    
Letter – response to Madeleine Innocent re Michael Tomlinson’s article Michael Tomlinson 3
Letter – re importance of homœopaths being a member of a national association  Susan Blackshaw 3
Letter – re Philip Bailey’s case – Lac Felinum Patricia Hatherly 4
Homœopathy, case taking and facial analysis Grant Bentley, Raelee Lipson & Frances Whitten 6
Man and microbe Jenni Tree 14
A homœopathic proving of Chironex fleckeri – box jelly fish Alastair Gray 20
Towards a unified phenomenological understanding of micro-doses and the Law of Similars Shane Humpherys 26
Homœopathy and New Norcia (History of homœopathy in Australia) Jan Owen 31
Understanding the meaning of disease: a Sankaran homœopathic approach Joanne Greenland 34
The Lancet debate – an open letter to homœopaths Don Baker and Ian Howden 41
The Lancet debate – the failure of meta-analysis as a research method in homœopathy Anne MacFarlane 42
Seminar review – Bhawisha and Sachindra Joshi   45
Book review – Patricia Hatherly. The Homœopathic Physician’s Guide to Lactation  David Levy 46
Book review – Liz Lalor. A Homœopathic Guide to Partnership and Compatibility – Understanding Your Type and Finding Love Ann Raven 47
Vol 17, No 1. June 2005    
Letter – re Too Close to the Bone by Michael Tomlinson (see also response in next edition) Madeleine Innocent 3
Letter – re Visiting Homœopathic Landmarks in London & Paris Angela Baker & Erica Gustavsson 3
Letter – response to Julian Winston’s letter re homoeoprophylaxis (16:2) Isaac Golden 4
Letter – response to Julian Winston’s letter re Frans Vermeulen (16:2) Frans Vermeulen 4
Considering homœopathy as a viable alternative for helping people with ADHD Robin Pagram & Chris Forlin 6
Constitutional prescribing for pets Diana Kopatsy 16
A case of Lac Felinum (See also letter in next edition) Philip Bailey 32
Studying a remedy through different lenses Shilpa Bhouraskar 34
A surprising remedy for a gentle and quiet patient Louise Barton 37
A case of gangrene Catherine Bullard 39
The latest research into long-term homœoprophylaxis Isaac Golden 43
Book review – Robert Medhurst. The Business of Healing: a Guide to Practice Establishment and Practice Management for Non-Medical Healthcare Professionals Barbara Armstrong 46
Vol 16. No 2. December 2004    
Letter – response to articles in previous edition (homoeoprophylaxis and Frans Vermeulen) Julian Winston 3
Letter – response to John Furniss’ letter on fertility using homœopathy Sarah Saunders 4
Letter – response to John Furniss’ letter on fertility using homœopathy Ben Gadd 4
Hahnemann’s view of allopathy as seen in the prefaces and introduction to the Organon Peter Morrell 6
Understanding materia medica and repertory part 2 – insight into repertories Frans Vermeulen 16
Are antibiotics necessary to treat ear infections in children? Scott Hayter 26
Evidence-based medicine: what’s in a name? Barbara Armstrong 32
A new program of long-term homœoprophylaxis Isaac Golden 36
Conference review – review of the AHA National Conference 2004 Rhonda Bird 42
Seminar review – Deborah Collins: homœopathy for the New Age Rochelle Hadjiloukas 44
Seminar review – Grant Bentley: appearance and circumstance Rochelle Hadjiloukas 45
Book review – Jon Gamble. Mastering Homœopathy: Accurate Daily Prescribing for a Successful Practice Alastair Gray 46
Vol 16, No 1. April 2004    
Letter – response to Jon Gamble’s book review of Appearance and Circumstance Grant Bentley 3
Letter – response to article re Fertility using homœopathy (v15, no 2) John Furniss 4
Letter – implications of using restricted homœopathic medicines Robert Medhurst 4
Understanding materia medica and repertory Frans Vermeulen 8
Two paradigms Kerrin Cassidy 16
Homœopathic proving of a “combination remedy” Stase Kaintatsis 22
Too close to the bone (See also letters in 17:1 and 17:2) Michael Tomlinson 27
A statement on homœoprophylaxis AHA 30
Visiting homœopathic landmarks in Paris & London (See also letter in 17:1) Jon Gamble & Nyema Hermiston 36
Book review – Michael Weir. Complementary Medicine: Ethics and Law (2nd ed) Barbara Armstrong 40
Book review – Ulrich Welte. Colors in Homœopathy Markus Kuntosch 41
Book review – Don Hamilton. Homœopathic Care for Cats and Dogs: Small Doses for Small Animals Susanna Shelton & Tineke Verkade 42
Seminar review – Frans Vermeulen: deconstructing traditional materia medica  Geoffrey D’Hudson 45
Vol 15, No 2. November 2003    
Letter – what is classical homœopathy? Tim Eisemann 3
The levels of homœopathy Dr Rajan Sankaran 4
“Stuck” versus “stopped” – a homœopathic differentiation Joanne Greenland 20
Invasion and exhaustion, violation and detachment, saliva and numbness: a homœopathic proving of mosquito Culex pervigilans Alastair Gray 26
Fertility success using homœopathy Liz Lalor 42
Seminar review – Rajan Sankaran  John Maitland 39
Book review – Grant Bentley. Appearance and Circumstance; Miasms, Facial Features and Homœopathy Jon Gamble 44
Book review – Frans Vermeulen. Prisma: The Arcana of Materia medica Illuminated – Similars and Parallels between Substance and Remedy Will Taylor 45
Seminar review – Grant Bentley: the homœopathic rambler – new faces Ali MacLean  
Vol 15, No 1. May 2003    
Letter – the homœoprophylaxis debate  KateDiamantopoulo 3
Conference review – retrospective of the National Conference Ali MacLean 5
On a more serious note … the principles of resonance Julie Phillips-Moore 8
Three faces of Iodium Peter Tumminello 12
To be or not to be? The Lac Maternum state Patricia Hatherly 22
Infertility: the blockages to birth Jennifer Maver 30
Homœopathy for burns and scalds Kate Diamantopoulo 34
Vaccination: the adverse effects documented Helen McGuire 38
Seminar review – Tinus Smits Felicity Nutting 46
Vol 14, No 2. November 2002    
Letter – response to homoeoprophylaxis: its benefits and its use Tim Boyle 3
Letter – a reply to Tim Boyle on homoeoprophylaxis Isaac Golden 46
Pioneer homœopaths in colonial Tasmania: the early days (History of homœopathy in Australia) Angela Baker 4
Miasms: the basis of correct homœopathic prescribing Grant Bentley 10
Finding the similimum with James Compton Burnett: the power of organopathy and the limitations of the totality of symptoms (History of homœopathy) John Maitland 16
Attitudes to and use of homœoprophylaxis by Australian homœopaths: an update Isaac Golden 26
Miasms, nosodes and essence: engaging the vital force Peter Morrell 32
Similia Similibus Curentur: where have we heard this before? Julie Phillips-Moore 42
Vol 14, No 1. February 2002    
The homœopathic treatment of macular degeneration of the eye Margie Baulman 5
Constitutional prescribing in homœopathy: what do we really mean? Terri Nicholson 7
A case of petit mal cured with Artemisia vulgaris Thomas Dellman 11
An ADHD case history and the remedy Alcoholus Linlee Jordan 14
Using homœopathy to choose a partner Liz Lalor 17
Homœoprophylaxis: its benefits and its use by homœopaths (see also responses in next edition) Isaac Golden 21
Homœopathic approach in the treatment of macular degeneration of the eye Dr Edward Kondrot 24
The secretive Hahnemann & the esoteric roots of homœopathy Peter Morrell 28
A homœopathic perspective on the treatment of “white spot” with particular reference to the sycotic miasm  Patricia Hatherly 37
Seminar review – Isaac Golden: Vaccination and its homœopathic alternatives Kathy Harris 42
Vol 13, No 2. March 2001    
The homoeopathic proving of Positronium Misha Norland 5
Sleepless at waxing moon Karl-Josef Mueller 17
The Owl The Donkey: aspects of the homœopathic encounter Peter Morrell 20
Bothrops lanceolatus Paul Herscu 26
Clinical reasoning in homoeopathy: developing a model for practice David Levy 35
Vol 13, No 1. July 2000    
Ross River virus: a homœopathic perspective Leanne Wilson 5
A homœopathic expedition into Amazon rainforest Robert Muntz 13
Still an unloved child: documentation in homœopathic practice  Peter Koenig 17
Mimosa case: fear in school Karl-Josef Muller 23
Perceiving clinical medicine?  Jim Veljanovski 26
New remedies from the rain forest Robert Muntz 30
A case of life-threatening hydrothorax and the improved versions of rapid dose techniques Isaac Chan 34
Delayed development in a child: a case for Oleander Keith Avedissian 41
Suggestions of a good homœopathic practice score Peter Koenig 44
Vol 12, No 2. December 1999    
Letter – response to Dr Nick Goodman’s article in this edition Michael Tomlinson 4
Can a specialist homœopathic clinic work? Nyema Hermiston 5
Totality, causation and time in homœopathy (history) David Little 7
Croton tiglium Miranda Castro 12
Haemochromatosis resolved by crotalus-horrisus with a little philosophy on dosage Ken D’Aran 14
The homœopathic detective Sadhna Thakkar 17
Acute prescribing in a community health crisis situation Dr Jean Doherty 18
An approach to children’s case-taking Keith Avedissian 20
Don’t miss the exciting place of pathology in homœopathy – response to Michael Tomlinson’s article in previous edition (See also responses in letters in this and next edition) Dr Nick Goodman 24
The finger of providence: religion and morality in medicine Peter Morell 27
Response to Jurgen Schulte’s critique of Contanian physics Rolland Conte et al 30
Second look: two zinc cases Deborah Collins 32
What are some possible guidelines for writing up case studies? Michael Tomlinson 36
Homœopathy and the GST Andrew Harding 37
Book review – Rudi Verspoor & Steven Decker. Homœopathy re-examines: behond the classical paradigm Peter Morrell 39
Book review – Dr Peter Dingle. Cosmetics and Personal Care: Dangerous Beauty Karen Oakley 40
Book review – Dr Sehgal. Perfect Materia Medica of the Mind John Outram 42
Seminar review – Jonathan Shore: Minerals, plants, animals, placebo and birds Dr Nick Goodman 44
Vol 12, No 1. July 1999    
The homœopathic treatment of hepato-biliary disorders Dr Alok Pareek & Dr RS Pareek 5
An interview with Julian Winston (homœopathic history) Karen Oakley 8
Winter remedies Keith Avedissian 12
Homœopathy & occupational health & safety Snehi Jarvis 14
The homœopathic treatment of degenerative myelopathy & osteosarcoma in dogs Douglas Wilson 17
The case of the Rhodesian Ridgeback (animal homœopathy) Gwyneth Evans 19
Croton-tiglium Miranda Castro 20
How to give a talk at a conference Andrew Vickers 23
Contian physics: a critique Dr Jurgen Schulte 26
Let’s get physical: the place of the clinical sciences in modern homœopathy (see also responses in next edition) Michael Tomlinson 30
Something to give them peace? Homœopathy in palliative care Sarah Willacy 33
Book review – Christopher Day. The Homœopathic Treatment of Beef and Dairy Cattle   42
Book review – Eugenio F Candegabe. Comparative Materia Medica [Trans. From Materia Medica Comparada by Rosalind Shapiro]   43
Conference review – ICCH & ECCH Barcelona Conference June Cresswell 44
Vol 11, No 2. December 1998    
Homœopathy, sensation of well-being and CD4 levels: a placebo-controlled, randomised trial RM Kuzeff 5
From poisonings to holism (history) Peter Morrell 10
As if one patient (homœopathy and a sheep herd) – reprint Greg Bedayn 14
Homœopathy and obsessive-compulsive disorder Mark Simblist 18
Desperation & longing in the Garden of Eden: the homœopathic proving of agathis australis – kauri Alastair Gray 22
“I can’t tell what I feel” Phill Robbins 27
Taming a toddler Jim Veljanovski 29
Thus glabra and abuse Peter Tumminello 33
Nosodes, sarcodes, isopathy, tautopathy & some cases Maranatha Emmanuel 36
Seminar review – Linda Beaver & Linlee Jordan: Homœopathic paediatrics Karen Oakley 42
Conference review – First Australian Case Conference Phill Robbins 43
Vol 11, No 1. July 1998    
Science and homœopathy Dr Jurgen Schulte & Christian Endler 6
Diabetes and vaccines Harris L. Coulter 11
The education gap Dr Rajesh Shah 20
Homœopathy in the intensive coronary care unit of a homœopathic hospital Dr Alok Pareek 23
Homœopathic medicine in Cuba Drs Elio Rossi & Mariella Di Stefano 27
A Carcinosin cure of mild autism Amy L. Lansky 29
On the mydriatic properties of Duboisia myoporides John Tweedy  36
Report on the physiological action of Duboisia myoporoides Dr Sydney Ringer 37
Conference review – ICCH Case Conference: a summary Julian Winston 40
Seminar review – Dr Peter Konig: Small remedies seminar, Vienna Jana List 41


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