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Homœopathy Campaign

In March 2015 Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) released a report that concluded ‘there is no reliable evidence that homœopathy is effective in treating health conditions.’ This report has received widespread media coverage to falsely claim "there is no evidence that homeopathy works."

The impact of a review by a respected institution such as the NHMRC cannot be overstated: the general public, health practitioners, decision-makers and other researchers all rely on those findings.

The NHMRC report is being cited as credible evidence and used by anti-homœopathy sceptics (such as Friends of Science in Medicine) to lobby government to erode Australians’ right of choice to access homœopathic practitioner services, products and education. This pressure is real and on-going.

What's being done:

The AHA and its partners in the complementary health sector have launched this campaign in an effort to have the report withdrawn and restore standards of accountability, impartiality and ethical conduct in government processes relating to complementary medicine.

How you can help

Sponsor the homœopathic profession for:

  • Administrative and legal costs to support the official complaint to the Commonwealth Ombudsman and the Your Health Your Choice campaign (
  • Future actions to support the campaign and ongoing protection of Australians’ right of choice in healthcare
  • Providing accurate information about homœopathy and its research base to the Australian community

You can sponsor the Homœopathy Campaign via PayPal, credit card of EFT.

Credit card logos    call 07 4636 5081

You can also make small, on-going contributions to
AHA Inc., BSB 034-221, Acc. No. 644032,
please use your initial and surname as reference so we can acknowledge you in the sponsor list


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The Aurum Project

The Aurum Project is an Australian charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children through natural medicine by advancing the understanding and practice of homœopathy in Australia and promoting research into homœopathy.

Our Community Foundation initiated GiveNow which supports The Aurum Project by securely processing online donations. This allows 100% of donations to go directly to The Aurum Project with no fees other than credit card fees. The Aurum Project has two current projects asking for tax deductible donations through GiveNow:

  • Homœopathy Campaign Fund - assure the future freedom of Australians to choose homœopathic treatment and have access to medicines.
  • Research - promoting homœopathic research in Australia by facilitating the publication of evidence-based research, data collection and literature reviews.

Homeopathy works for me

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Homeopathy Action Trust

The Homeopathy Action Trust is a UK membership charity that encourages and supports public understanding of homœopathy, for the benefit of patients, practitioners and students. The Trust advocates that patients retain their right to choose homœopathic treatment.

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Homeopathy for Health in Africa

Homeopathy for Health in Africa (HHA) was founded in 2005 with the purpose to help relieve the suffering of those with HIV/AIDS using classical homœopathy. The charity aims to spread homœopathy throughout Tanzania and Africa, to educate local medical practitioners and community workers in homœopathy and, ultimately, to help integrate homœopathic medicine into existing healthcare systems in Africa.

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Abha Light Foundation

In 1998, homœopathy was practically unknown in Kenya. Since the late '90s and from small beginnings Abha Light Foundation (ALF) has become a growing infrastructure of professional homœopaths and alternative medicine practitioners for the benefit of the people of Kenya and Africa.

ALF's aims are to create a permanent infrastructure for the establishment of homœopathy and complementary medicine in Kenya and educate traditional healers in modern sciences.

ALF trains Kenyan practitioners and helps to establish their independent clinics around the country. These affiliated clinics serve the communities through affordable, accessible and natural medicine.

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Homeopathy Heals Me

The Homeopathy Heals Me campaign was launched in the UK November 2009 to promote the benefits of homœopathy to the public and provide a networking and information hub for homœopathic practitioners and students.

The Homeopathy Heals Me website showcases hundreds of articles about everything homœopathic and focusses on putting out the good news about homœopathy.

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