How to Become a Member

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How to Become a Member

The AHA has various membership levels:

  • Professional

  • General

  • Student

  • Corporate

Professional, General and Student memberships last for one year and are renewed at the end of June each year. Anybody who applies in the second half of the membership year (January to June) will pay half of the applicable membership fee for that year.

Professional membership applicants need to have current registration with the Australian Register of Homœopaths (AROH) and need to submit their application by post to the AHA National Office.

General and Student applications can be completed online at this link:

Students need to supply a copy of their current college enrolment via email to be eligible for Student membership.

The Corporate Membership program has evolved to provide a means for organisations within the global homœopathy sector to give financial support to the AHA and its various initiatives and programs and to receive industry recognition for this support. Corporate memberships can be renewed a year after their start date.

Some of the Membership Benefits

Membership of the AHA either as a Student, General member or Professional member provides you with a range of valuable benefits to assist you in your professional development.

Core benefits:

The AHA is Australia’s largest homœopathic association giving members access to our sector’s most up-to-date information, networking opportunities, professional development tools, and many other exclusive benefits.

Professional development and CPD:

The AHA hosts seminars and professional webinars to keep members at the cutting edge of modern homœopathy and to enhance confidence as a practitioner and business owner. These hosted events focus on a variety of areas including:

- clinical practice

- homœopathic theory (materia medica, case management, etc)

- government regulations applicable to practice

- establishing and growing your practice

These hosted events provide CPD opportunities for members to meet their registration requirements.

Research bursary:

Once a year the AHA offers a grant to a Professional or Student member who embarks on a homœopathy-related research project, which has ethics approval from their tertiary institution. The grant includes a cash amount as well as the facility to advertise free of charge in the AHA newsletter to solicit assistance for their project.


An important part of an effective, transparent and supportive association involves regularly communicating with members. The AHA does this through several publications including:

  • Similia: The Australian Journal of Homœopathic Medicine (biannual)

  • The AHA Newsletter (quarterly)

  • AHA Bulletins (as required)

Together these publications provide members with access to material ranging from academic articles to everyday news. Members can also contribute to AHA publications to share knowledge and experience.

Free advertising:

AHA members have access to free advertising of small classified ads (up to 4 lines) in the quarterly newsletter and on the website notice board.


Being a member of the AHA will directly connect you into the largest professional community of homœopaths in Australia. This will provide you with the combined resources, experience and support of our extensive practitioner network. The Member’s Chat Room is an informal meeting place where you can share challenges, successes or just connect with other members.

Supporting the profession:

As a member of the AHA your financial and professional contributions directly help the homœopathic profession to grow in Australia. The AHA is continuously engaged in advocating for the profession by responding to inquiries by government departments and the media and adding its voice for homœopathy to influence health policy in Australia. At a global level, due to the AHA’s international connections, local growth feeds into the global promotion of homœopathy.

Additional Benefits:

  • Members receive significant discounts at AHA events

  • Free student membership

  • Student support

  • Product discounts

  • Complimentary journal, newsletter and news bulletins


To apply for Professional membership

  1. Ensure that you have read the provisions of the AHA's Code of Ethics and Practice ( view here ), so that you are aware of your obligations as a member.

  1. Download the Membership Application Form and complete all applicable sections on pages 1 and 2. Membership Application Form

  1. Obtain a passport photo, and have it certified by a current Professional Member of the AHA. If you do not know a Professional Member, have the photo certified by a Justice of the Peace, by a solicitor, at a police station or by a chartered accountant.

  2. Take a photocopy of your AROH registration certificate.

  3. Complete a cheque or money order to the correct amount (specified on the form) or complete your credit card details on the application form.

Note that Professional Members pay a non-refundable member application fee plus the applicable annual (or half-year) membership fee. If you are unsure about your fee please contact the National Office.

  1. Forward the above information to the address in your state at the bottom of page 1 of the form. The application will be reviewed by the local Branch and, if approved, forwarded to the AHA National Administrator for processing.

If you have any queries about the above procedure, contact the National Administrator.

If you are upgrading from General membership to Professional membership and have any queries about the procedure involved, please contact the National Administrator.

To apply for General membership

General membership applications can be filled out at this link: General membership application

Follow the prompts to pay for your membership fee online.

You will receive an immediate acknowledgement via email. A welcome pack will be sent to you in the post within two weeks after your application.

To apply for Student membership

Student membership can be granted to students of any health modality, either resident in Australia or New Zealand or, while resident elsewhere, studying at an Australian institution.

Before applying for a Student membership you need to supply documentation from your college as evidence that you are currently a student. This could be a letter from the college or your current semester enrolment confirmation document. Please ensure that your name and the date is displayed on the document. Scan the document and send it as an email attachment to the AHA National Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Students can apply for a free online membership. Those who prefer to receive a hard copy of AHA publications can apply for 'Postal Student' membership which attracts an annual fee.

Student membership applications can be filled out at this link: Student membership application

Annual membership renewal requires current enrolment documentation to be supplied to the AHA National Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Corporate membership program

The Australian Homœopathic Association provides professional services and support to its members, but more broadly, it is an active partner in promoting and advancing homœopathy worldwide. It does this in collaboration with a number of companies and other organisations across the globe.

The AHA is actively working towards seeking the recognition of the efficacy of homœopathic medicine through the support of research. The AHA also works closely with broader CAM sector organisations to achieve the profession's goal of having a place at the future discussion table regarding health care generally.

Industry organisations differ widely in size. To accommodate this the Corporate Membership Program has been designed with three levels to enable organisations to contribute according to their size and capability. This tiered structure provides appropriate levels of contribution and recognition for Corporate members.

TIER 1 Over $50,000 per year

TIER 2 Between $20,000 and $50,000 per year

TIER 3 Up to $20,000 per year

A discount applies for a 2 year membership option.

Organisations, interested in Corporate membership, please contact the AHA National Office (link to Contact page).

Overseas enquiries

All enquiries regarding homœopathy in Australia should be directed to the AHA National Administrator.


People wishing to migrate to Australia and work as homœopaths please note:

  • You will need to contact the Australian Embassy in your country to obtain an appropriate visa.

  • The Association and its members are unable to assist in any way with the visa process and will not be able to sponsor you.

  • The Association and its members are unable to obtain for you, or guarantee, employment.

  • Information regarding recognition of overseas qualifications is available from the appropriate Australian government agencies.

  • Registration of homœopaths is under the control of the Australian Register of Homœopaths (AROH) (AROH website, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Further information regarding immigration matters and the recognition of overseas qualifications is available from the resources listed below:

  • Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection, for visa types and application: View website

  • VETASSESS, for assessment of overseas qualifications to qualify for skilled occupation in Australia: View website

  • Australian Register of Homœopaths: View website

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