What does a visit to a homoeopath involve?

In-depth investigation is all important when taking a homoeopathic case. As well as asking about your symptoms, a homoeopathic practitioner will be interested in you as an individual and the unique way in which your symptoms affect you.
The first consultation with a homoeopath may take an hour or more, however simple acute complaints may only take 15-30 minutes. Information relating to current symptoms and past medical history will be required. Questions may also be asked about diet, sleep, lifestyle, and about some mental and emotional aspects. Physical examinations may be required according to the particular complaint.

Treatment then involves the prescription of the most suitable medicine, matching all of the symptoms and individual characteristics of the patient to the medicine. Two people with the same condition may have very different prescriptions because of their own unique set of symptoms. Your practitioner might also advise general lifestyle and dietary changes as part of a treatment plan or recommend a visit to a General Practitioner or for tests to be carried out.


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