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  • Luke Norland: Using mappa mundi in constitutional prescribing PLUS spiders & sea animals in homoeopathy - 4 sessions

About this webinar series:


Session 1: The mappa mundi provides a map with which to navigate, understand and make use of polarity - acknowledging the essence of dualism in nature, epitomised by the concept of primary and secondary action. It organises the four elements and temperaments on to a circle, plotting pertinent homoeopathic information alongside each aspect so that we can perceive where our client's disturbance and its opposite compensation are chiefly manifested.


Luke will provide us with an in-depth guide to the mappa mundi and its application in homoeopathy, drawing upon Jungian psychology, mythology, astrology, and classical and contemporary homoeopathy.


Session 2: Luke will demonstrate how to use the mappa mundi in a clinical setting with illustrative cases. The focus will be on helping us to consolidate our existing knowledge so that we can make the most of this amazing system of archetypes to help our clients at a deeper level. We will be equipped to begin using the mappa mundi immediately.


Session 3: One of the chief characteristics of spiders as a group is their use of silk to survive. Although not all spiders use silk, it is a strong part of the archetype that we as humans associate with them. Drawing on his own cases as well as his new materia medica Animalia, Luke will look at the spider group of medicines and their themes.


Session 4: Early life-forms evolved in the sea, the realm of the collective unconscious. The unconscious mind is not shaped by ego experience, but by the collective. Therefore, the ego may be lacking differentiation to the point that one's sense of identity is easily lost and boundaries easily breached. More positively, a strong connection to the water element can lead to a sensation of merging and unification with others and one's surroundings.

These themes are shared with the drug group of remedies, which are also affiliated with Neptune. Luke will present the sea animal remedy group, illustrating the diversity and scope of these important remedies in our materia medica.


About the presenter:

Luke Norland grew up sharing his family home with the School of Homeopathy and has been immersed in the homoeopathic way of life since he was born into the world. He practices in South West England and internationally online, combining this with his teaching work at the School of Homeopathy and Academy of Homeopathy Education.


He published his first book, Animalia, in 2021, illuminating the homoeopathic themes of six animal families with an introduction to the mappa mundi. He has also authored the Thematic Repertory, a stand-alone repertory available in RadarOpus.


Luke has worked extensively as a proving and repertory editor, compiling rubrics for many new remedies. His approach to homoeopathy is to blend together the different disciplines of repertory, materia medica, provings and systems so that each case can be explored from an appropriate anchor point to suit the individual.

Luke Norland: Using mappa mundi in constitutional prescribing PLUS spiders & sea animals in homoeopathy - 4 sessions

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