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  • Martin Costigan: Advanced homoeopathic case management

This course will progress through 6 sessions which cover many practical aspects of homoeopathic case management.

The Advanced Case Management Course ties together the theoretical and practical aspects of classical Hahnemannian homoeopathy. Each session of the course covers a different aspect of case management. This course provides practical applications of classical principles supported by many examples from Martin Costigan’s clinical cases.

Session 1: Wet split dosing

Session 2: Effective case taking and repertorisation  

Session 3: The second prescription  

Session 4: Remedy relationships 

Session 5: Dreams Part 1  

Session 6: Dreams Part 2  

5 CPD points

Martin Costigan treats patients around Australia and worldwide online. He has lectured in homoeopathy for a number of years and is passionate about homoeopathic education.

This Advanced Case Management Course, based on classical Hahnemannian principles, was born out of Martin witnessing many new, and experienced homoeopaths, struggling with effectively managing their cases. This was particularly so when faced with complex cases and hypersensitive patients.

Many professional seminars focus on materia medica and/or finding the similimum, which is good, but there is a not a great amount of ongoing professional education for homoeopaths on the actual case management of difficult and complex chronic cases. This can leave many homoeopaths floundering. Sadly, many give up because of lack of confidence and success in their practice.

Over the years a number of homoeopaths shared with Martin that they had almost given up practicing due to lack of confidence and lack of consistent results. Similarly, final year homoeopathy students often expressed their doubt regarding their ability to manage chronic cases.

So if you are a student, recent graduate or even an experienced homoeopath and you struggle with case management, then this course is for you.

Martin Costigan: Advanced homoeopathic case management

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