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  • Gabrielle Traub: Live right for your remedy type - 1 session

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In this webinar Gabrielle Traub shares her powerful new tool to help homoeopaths determine the optimal diet and lifestyle for themselves and their clients.

This insightful and practical approach to remedy types can act as the ultimate homoeopathic lifestyle guide and also help in relationships and parenting.

Each of us is completely unique. The foods we eat, the supplements we take, even the exercise we do should ideally be individualised and changed as needed in order to maintain perfect health.

As homoeopaths we know that taking the correct homoeopathic medicine will help restore body and mind back to health. However identifying the homoeopathic type of yourself or your clients actually goes far beyond simply prescribing a medicine. If provides profound information about how we are physiologically, genetically and psychologically programmed.

Gabrielle Traub:

Gabrielle Traub completed a five-year homoeopathic medical degree in South Africa followed by a year in research. After moving to California, USA she worked in an obstetrics/gynaecological practice for a decade, followed by work at an in-patient treatment centre for eating disorders, addictions and PTSD. She has worked alongside endocrinologists, gynaecologists and rheumatologists.

Gabrielle has taught homoeopathy around the world and is a regular guest speaker to naturopathic students at Bastyr University and to pharmacy students at University of California. She is currently on the faculty of the Los Angeles School of Homoepathy. She is the founder of World Homeopathy Awareness Week and former chair of the World Homeopathy Awareness Organisation. 

Gabrielle Traub: Live right for your remedy type - 1 session

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