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  • Fish and Orchid Remedies - Jenni Tree - 2 sessions

Session 1 - Waterworld: Remedies From the Fish Kingdom

Fascinating fish: as air is to the birds, so is water to the fish. This vast kingdom is gradually being explored for its homoeopathic medicines. This session concentrates on fresh and saltwater fish, predators, salmon, eels and clownfish and is based on Viktoria Bodrogi's book Waterworld, for which Jenni Tree was editor.

In this kingdom we find medicines for amnesiac and drug states, concentration difficulties, Alzheimer-like states, fierce anger, and child-like joy.

Session 2 - Sex, Allure & Orchids

Orchids are monocotyledons: study of this plant division, and then the themes of orchid, from sex, eroticism and sexuality to autism and isolation.

Part plant and part animal - orchids are animal in behaviour and plant in sensitivity. Another large group to add to our homoeopathic pharmacy.

Fish and Orchid Remedies - Jenni Tree - 2 sessions

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