Webinar Couplet: Jenni Tree - Waterworld: Remedies From the Fish Kingdom PLUS Sex, Allure & Orchids

Webinar Couplet: Jenni Tree - Waterworld: Remedies From the Fish Kingdom PLUS Sex, Allure & Orchids

Enter new worlds in this webinar couplet presented by Jenni Tree.  Every kingdom bears its gifts and unfolds a panoply of knowledge for us to use in our healing arts. In the first session we will explore the fish kingdom:  in particular, fresh and saltwater fish, predators, salmon, eels and clownfish.  In the second session we will focus on flamboyant orchids.

2 sessions - 4 CPD points



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Dates & Times:

FRIDAYS, 9 & 16 October, 2020

ACT, NSW, Qld, Tas, Vic: 7pm-9pm AEST
SA, NT: 6.30pm-8.30pm
WA: 5pm-7pm

Registration closes at midnight on Wednesday, 7 October.


About this Webinar Couplet: 

Session one - Waterworld: Remedies From the Fish Kingdom.  Fascinating fish:  as air is to the birds, so is water to the fish.  This vast kingdom is gradually being explored for its homoeopathic medicines.  This session will concentrate on fresh and saltwater fish, predators, salmon, eels and clownfish and is based on Viktoria Bodrogi's book Waterworld for which Jenni Tree was editor.  In this kingdom we will find medicines for amnesiac and drug states; concentration difficulties; Alzheimer-like states; fierce anger; and child-like joy.  Spend a few hours swimming with the fish!

Session two - Sex, Allure & Orchids.  Orchids are monocotyledons:  we will study this plant division, and then enjoy that which is orchid, from sex, eroticism and sexuality to autism and isolation.  Part plant and part animal - orchids are animal in behaviour and plant in sensitivity.  Another large group to add to our homoeopathic pharmacy.  Be seduced and entranced by orchids.


About the Presenter:

Jenni Tree has over 35 years of experience as a homoeopath.  She says homoeopathy "still grabs my attention, because we homoeopaths are constantly exploring new kingdoms or plant groups, or the entanglement of fungi behaviour.  We are constantly pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and our pharmacopeia.  Concurrently our understanding of human behaviour, and the behaviour of life on our planet, grows deeper and wider".

In addition to clinical practice, Jenni is editor of many homoeopathic books and journals, including eight years as editor of the AHA's journal Similia.

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