Getting Back on Track Using Megapotency Homoeopathy

Getting Back on Track Using Megapotency Homoeopathy
Getting Back on Track Using Megapotency Homoeopathy with Jill Turland and Bryan Barass
Jill and Bryan share their expertise in megapotency homoeopathics in combination with osteopathic and other techniques in order to facilitate dramatic physical, emotional and mental healing.
7 CPD points for one day or 14 CPD points for both days
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Dates and Times:
Saturday, 27 April, 9am to 5pm
Sunday, 28 April, 9am to 5pm

Hawthorn (further details provided upon registration).

Parking is available on the street and also at the rear of the building and the venue is accessible via public transport. Tea, coffee and morning and afternoon tea will be provided and lunch may be purchased nearby.


Jill Turland has been associated for many years with osteopaths and chiropractors and has been working since 1990 with Bryan Barrass, an osteopath and chiropractor with a great interest in homoeopathy. Together they have researched the homoeopathic remedies applicable to muscular and skeletal patterns, and the emotional origins of these patterns. Through this knowledge many complex chronic physical problems are being resolved, and understanding of the mental aspects of common homoeopathic remedies is being expanded beyond present boundaries - to date, Aconite, Arnica, Conium, Hydrastis, Hypericum, Ignatia, Ledum, Ruta graveolens, Staphysagria, and Symphytum.
The aim of the seminar is to empower all healers to use homoeopathy for the benefit of humankind.  This seminar is suitable for homoeopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors and kinesiologists.


* Introduction
* Cranial motion, and guilt-related muscle tension effecting this, affecting cranial glands and brain functions
* Resolution of old shock, critical to treating chronic complaints
* Staphysagria and the anterior pituitary relationship to suppressed emotions affecting the endocrine system
* Alzheimer’s
* Cranial sutures palpation and manual release
* Ignatia and the posterior pituitary
* Conium and dependency
* Hydrastis and the weighty effects of responsibility and guilt
* Lovett Brothers reflexes relating to Hydrastis
* Arnica the Brave and Ledum the Loyal
* A-K muscle testing


* Hypericum and the CNS effects of jabs and stabs
* Autism spectrum disorders
* Hyper - (and out of balance) conditions - diabetes, blood pressure, iron etc
* Scoliosis
* Foot reflexology basics
* Organ and Lymphatic drainage techniques
* Aconite and the effects of suppressing fear - heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach
* Bi-Polar and other depressions
* Ruta the team player
* Symphytum the CNS surprise
* Gelsemium and Nat Mur - their time has come
* The past, present and the future for all these remedies



Jill Turland is a homoeopath, herbalist and naturopath with a rich and varied education in many areas of healing. She began studying homoeopathy in 1979 and was founding editor of the journal Similia for four years. It is Jill's ambition to see homoeopathy rise to its rightful place as the premier medicine system of the world.

Bryan Barrass first trained as a sports teacher and in 1968 studied osteopathy. He established the Taree School of Holistic Massage in 1989 and in 1990 Bryan and Jill began their work together on megapotencies and their effects on emotional energy flow blocks and the structure of the body.



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