WEBINAR SERIES with Michal Yakir: The Table of Plants Columns 3 and 4

WEBINAR SERIES with Michal Yakir: The Table of Plants Columns 3 and 4

This is the final webinar offering for 2021 - from the comfort of your home, join Michal, each Wednesday in November

Michal Yakir is taking us further through the Table of Plants, which explores the journey of humanity and soul purpose in tandem with the various epochs of plant evolution. Each epoch has a philosophy, spiritual development, imbued with structure, function, and diseases. The plants correlate to people and provide a pharmacopoeia map which directly informs and embellish other methods like "sensation" and give relational meaning to families and "types" of people with types of disease.  

Now we arrive at Columns 3 & 4 of the Table of Plants.

This universal evolutionary approach will take us to the exploration of the hero and the struggle to be an individual - the Caryophyllales is about rebellion and belonging, the thorny side of the journey to individuation. Harsh environments and adaptation to extreme conditions is part of the soul's plight whilst exposed to hot, cold, salty, dry, "I want to do what I want to do!" It is about the spiritual journey in a harsh and hostile place.

Prickly, irascible, rebellious and restless, plants from column 3 have the ability to adapt to harsh, extremely detached and isolated places and radical rejection.

The dragon and the overbearing mother are symbols of a struggle between unity and separation, being under the influence of something above, under superhuman control, versus free will, the beat of the heart, the pulsing rhythm and finding assimilation at the heart centre between divine spirit and earthly existence. We balance the feminine element in preparation for the masculine. 

In column 4 we ask "How can I give without losing myself? 

It's a question of affluence, receiving and giving now that I have this vessel. "How do I maintain balance?"

Matter and mother become One.

The monocot grasses, our basic food, the Poales will be explored, childhood and the 4th day of creation and flow, abundance, nurture, sustenance, motherhood, there is lack of protection, vulnerability, existential fears and issues around maturation and maternal caring.

We explore turning points through the plants where the feminine turns toward the masculine. Do I have enough, what about my business?  

And the possibility to alter our genes through a plant story, the masculine responsibility for the family, prematurity, birth, standing on your own two feet, sustaining stability, balance, business and family, affluence, storing, security, money, with its correlation for digestive, metabolic and hormonal issues of imbalance and function.  

What are the different effects, physically and psychologically, when one is nurtured from within or from without?  We shall see from needy chocolate to the miser Bryonia the balance required to go the next step in the journey.


4 sessions - 8 CPD points

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Dates & Times:

WEDNESDAYS, 3, 10, 17 & 24 November 2021

ACT, NSW, Tas, Vic: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm AEDT
SA: 7 pm - 9 pm
Qld: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
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About the Presenter: 

I have been working as a homoeopath over 30 years - almost half of my life. In my youth I was a nature guide and a gardener in a kibbutz – studying biology, herbology and ecology at university just came naturally. The love of nature and plants has stayed with me ever since.

By the end of my MSc at university, I felt that whatever I would be able to do in my field would not really make a difference for the world and, so, I turned to studying homoeopathy. Right away I felt that research is needed in this field and I completed my PhD at the medical school of Jerusalem on the effectiveness of homoeopathy in women`s PMS. A worthy cause – but even this was out-shadowed by my growing understanding of the relevance of the botanical order to the plant remedies in homoeopathy.

And so, for the next 20-something years I studied the flowering plants, got to be privy to some of their secrets and realised the grand scheme first-hand: the fractal web (described beautifully by Jan Scholten) that plants, animals, minerals and humanity are part of. 

Once the flowering plants work was done, I was led to begin investigation into the ancient plants and their connection to earth evolution, an evolution we are part of, an evolution that part of our work is to help heal when it goes out of balance. A work that nowadays deeply connects me to Earth - Gaia.

In between, I served as the chairwoman of the Israeli Homeopathic Association for 4 years and as its journal editor for over 12 years. I wrote the book “Wondrous Order – Systematic Table of Homeopathic Plant Remedies” and started teaching it internationally – something I do to this day.

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