WEBINAR - Dr Zahid Panchi: PQRS Symptoms

WEBINAR - Dr Zahid Panchi: PQRS Symptoms

PQRS Symptoms - Key to Individualisation

One session - 2 CPD points

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ACT, NSW, Qld, Tas, Vic: 2.30pm-4.30pm AEST
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As stated in the Organon by our Master Hahnemann in aphorism 153: There are many symptoms given by the patient during a homœopathic case taking interview, but what stands out are the most striking, uncommon, peculiar, rare and strange characteristic signs and symptoms, which indeed are the pointers towards individualising a person, the key for the selection of the most suited medicine in order to bring about the most desired result.

The art of individualisation is the beauty of homœopathy.

If you are unable to find characteristic symptom in an individual send him to an allopathic practitioner and ask what it is that doesn’t fit with the disease symptoms --- Kent

Selecting a remedy based on symptoms which are peculiar rather than the common symptoms of the disease, this is the benchmark of only one system of medicine and that is homœopathy.

Come join in, learn and experience – how to pick up the most characteristic symptoms from the maze of symptoms to arrive at the homœopathic simillimum.

Dr. Zahid Panchi

Dr. Panchi has been in homœopathic practice for the past twenty-two years. After completing his M.D in homœopathy he was personally mentored by teachers of international repute like Dr Sunil Anand and the doyen of homœopathy, Dr Kasim Chimthanawala. He is closely associated with Dr Shachindra & Dr Bhawisha Joshi, conducting many homœopathic provings. These different schools of thought have made him into an excellent homœopathic prescriber.

Dr Panchi's expertise lies not only in his knowledge of the science and his vast experience with the art of homœopathy but in his keen observation and astute perception of his patients' problems as well as personality.

In this webinar he will focus on constructing a totality from the peculiar characteristic symptoms using different types of  approaches, a journey guided by the Organon, rubrics from the Repertory to remedies from the source books of Materia Medica.

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Event Date 15-05-2018 2:30 pm
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