Campaign History

The AHA started celebrating World Homœopathy Awareness Week (WHAW) in 2005 on the occasion of the 250th birthday of homœopathy's founder Samuel Hahnemann. In cooperation with the World Homœopathy Awareness Organisation (WHAO) promotional materials and campaign plans were produced and made available to AHA practitioners for local initiatives.

During the annual return of the week homœopaths give public talks, run information stalls at markets, libraries and shopping centres, give radio and newspaper interviews, invite members of the public to open clinic days, teach first aid courses, and more.

The ABC TV program 'Second Opinion' featured Angela Baker on 'Homœopathy in the Treatment of Stress'. 

AHA first aid clinics at several annual festivals have become a fixture over the past few years. Qld Branch sponsors the first aid clinic at the Woodford Festival and at the 'Homeless Connect Day' which is held twice a year in Brisbane. The SA Branch of the AHA organises and runs a first aid clinic at WOMAdelaide every March. The AHA has also had a presence at Byron Bays 'Splendour in the Grass' festival.

The annual return of WHAW has resulted in the production of a number of high-quality promotional and educational materials through the initiative of individual members and AHA committees. These include posters, brochures, first aid courses and powerpoint presentations. On the purely promotional side the AHA has produced balloons, bumper stickers, children's stickers and book marks.

A special WHAW resource is a classy 30 second cinema ad set to a catchy African beat, which was developed in 2006 and used in the promotion of homœopathy at local cinemas for a number of years.

On an annual basis AHA National Council organises for an eight-page insert about homœopathy in the nationally distributed WellBeing magazine. In addition to general information about homœopathy the insert features several small case stories in line with the respective year's WHAW theme. Professional members' clinics are advertised by state and suburb to provide easy reference to members of the public. The insert is not only distributed via news agencies nationwide but additional copies are made available to Branches and Professional members for use in their WHAW campaigns.

Download PDF 2013 – Homœopathy to the Rescue

Download PDF 2012 – Homœopathy for Reproductive Health

Download PDF 2011 – Homœopathy for Musculoskeletal Wellbeing

Download PDF 2010 – Homœopathy for Stress, Mood and Sleep

Download PDF 2009 – Homœopathy for Allergies

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