Membership Benefits

Joining the AHA is an investment in your future and that of the homœopathic profession.

The AHA supports practitioners and students, facilitates the enhancement of homœopathic resources, strengthens the lobbying power for legislative and patient benefits and works for the promotion of homœopathy.


Primary reasons to join the AHA, the peak body representing homœopaths, include:

  • Education & Promotion to the Public
  • Education & Career Advancement for Practitioners
  • Student Support
  • Advocacy / Political Strategy & Direction
  • Recognition of Your Expertise
  • Clinic Resources & Information
  • Product Discounts
  • Support Networks

Learn more about these great benefits below.

  • Online Search Facility

    "Find a Homœopath"- Practitioner referral service

    Professional members have free clinic listings in the AHA Qualified Homœopath' Membership Directory on the AHA website, the only homœopathic website in Australia.

    This will increase their chances of being located by potential clients and provides assurance to the public of each practitioner's level of training.

  • Code Of Professional Conduct & Ethics

    Professional members of the AHA are bound by a strict code of ethics and practice, ensuring that clients receive the highest level of care.

    When a practitioner is advertised as a Professional member, clients and the wider community can have confidence in this practitioner's standard of practice.

  • Continued Professional Education

    All AHA members enjoy discounted entry to AHA Continuing Professional Education events, organised by State Branches and National Council throughout the year.

    Face-to-face events, such as seminars, workshops and the biennial conference, and online webinars help members earn CPD points, wherever they are located. Members are kept up to date with the most comprehensive range of homœopathic continuing professional development programs in Australia, delivered by some of the finest national and international speakers.

    Events do not only enhance members' professional knowledge and career but provide the opportunity to network, consult and cooperate with their colleagues.

  • Free Student Membership

    Any student currently studying homœopathy or any other health-related course is eligible for a free AHA Student membership.

    Access to online copies of our publications and highly discounted fees to attend events provide opportunities to students to enhance their study and profit from the knowledge of experienced practitioners.

  • AHA Professional Journal Similia

    The Journal of the Australian Homœopathic Association is a peer-reviewed publication. It helps members keep abreast of new developments in the profession and the work done by their peers.

  • AHA Newsletter

    The quarterly national newsletter keeps members informed of news in the profession, updates on any changes in government legislation or TGA regulations and what is happening in State Branches around Australia.

    Members can post classified ads, stay up to date on upcoming events and share interesting items with their colleagues.

  • Logo Use For AHA Professional Members

    AHA Professional members are authorised to use and display the AHA logo in their clinic and on promotional materials to enhance their credibility as practitioners and stand amongst clients and members of the community.

  • Online Clinic Resources For Professional Members

    The AHA provides a wide range of resources, forms and policies used in everyday practice, reserved for Professional members in a sequestered section on the AHA website.

  • Student Bursary

    Once a year the AHA offers a grant to a Student member who embarks on a homœopathy-related research project, which has ethics approval from their tertiary institution.

    The grant includes a cash amount as well as the facility to advertise free of charge in the AHA newsletter to solicit assistance for their project.

  • Mentoring & Supervision

    New practitioners can access a mentor of their choice through the list of AHA approved mentors while all Professional members have the opportunity to consult with a colleague where a second opinion or supervisory advice is required.

  • AHA eBulletins

    All AHA members are automatically subscribed to the AHA's e-bulletin which publishes the latest news or updates in the industry and helps to stay up to date with AHA events and initiatives.

  • Advocacy / Political Strategy & Direction

    The AHA is continuously engaged in advocating for the profession by responding to inquiries by government departments and the media and adding its voice for homœopathy to influence health policy in Australia.

  • Public Education & Clinic Promotion At A Discounted Rate

    To assist in promoting their practice and help raise awareness of homœopathy in the local community, Professional members have access to a variety of promotional materials and resources at a low cost, including clinic brochures and AHA-stamped receipt books.

    Once a year Professional members' clinics are listed free of charge in a nationally distributed mainstream publication.

  • Member Support From The National Administrator & National Council

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is a dedicated and passionate full-time member with many skills, experience and knowledge to draw upon, available for inquiries five days a week.

    National Council members hold a variety of portfolios to help with specific questions.

Homœopathy Campaign


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To sponsor via electronic fund transfer or to make small on-going contributions:

AHA Inc., BSB 034-221, Acc. No. 644032
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Call the AHA National Office on 07 4636 5081 with your credit card details.


Gold Gold amounts

Gerry Dendrinos, ACT

Dr Nick Goodman, NSW

Nyema Hermiston & Jon Gamble, NSW

Harbord Homeopathic Clinic, NSW

Peter Tumminello, NSW


Silver Silver amounts

Australian Medical Fellowship of Homeopathy

Dr Isaac Golden, Vic

Sally Hawkins, NSW

Pauline Kalbfell, WA

Jane Lindsay, Qld

Melinda Mawson-Ryan & Dennis Ryan, Indonesia

Christine Pope, NSW

Maggie Sands, NSW

Judy Smyth, NSW

Paul Tumminello, NSW


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Professional Members

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