Homœopathy Campaign



Gold Gold amounts

Gerry Dendrinos, ACT

Dr Nick Goodman, NSW

Nyema Hermiston & Jon Gamble, NSW

Harbord Homeopathic Clinic, NSW

Peter Tumminello, NSW


Silver Silver amounts

Australian Medical Fellowship of Homeopathy

Dr Isaac Golden, Vic

Sally Hawkins, NSW

Jane Lindsay, Qld

Melinda Mawson-Ryan & Dennis Ryan, Indonesia

Christine Pope, NSW

Maggie Sands, NSW

Judy Smyth, NSW

Paul Tumminello, NSW


 Bronze   Bronze amounts

Johanna Arnold-Stevens, Qld Keith Avedissian, NSW Frances Avent, NSW Krystyna Bernecka, NSW
Christina Boyd, NSW Linda Brickwood, NSW Penny Chenoweth, Qld Lis Cotter, New Zealand
Megan Crook, Qld Jean Doherty, ACT Marta Dunin-Labedzki, Vic Maree Eccleston, Qld
Martin Elliott, Vic Valerie Elliott Bernadette English, NSW Vera Externest, Qld
Fund raising group of
AHA members, WA
Carolyn Graham, Qld Erica Gustavsson, Tas Inez Hanson, Qld
Felicity Hartigan, NSW David Haubenschild, Vic Phillip Hendry, WA Cristina Herrero Barrero, WA
Sylvia Hicks, ACT Sandra Hill Michelle Hookham, NSW Leonie Hosey, NSW
Jane Hurley, UK Ilma Hynson, NSW Nicky Iliffe, Qld Pauline Kalbfell, WA
Dimple Kirpalani, WA Mukund Kulkarni, NSW Simon Leadley, NZ Dr Keng Lee, VIC
Lesley Lee, ACT Evelin Liddell, Qld Joanne Lipinski, Vic Maryanne & Chris Logan, NSW
Ross Lorraway, Qld Shirley Lovell, Vic Jeremy Lussa Ann Manning, NSW
Jane McCammon Helen McGuire, NSW Mary McLean, NSW Cally Mell, NSW
Claire Middle, WA Robert & Francis Oon, SA Amanda O'Brien, Qld Margaret O'Riordan, Vic
Heike & Yuri Orlov, Qld Tania Parker, Vic Sarah Penrose, WA Peta Richards
James Sierra, NSW Michael Tomlinson, Vic Heidi Trefny, Qld Julia Twohig, SA
Lorraine Vine, NSW Gregory White, NSW Leanne Wilson, NSW




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