FAQ's About AHA Webinars

Question Do I need to be an AHA member to attend an AHA webinar?

Any interested person can participate in a webinar. AHA members pay discounted fees at AHA events and some webinars may be free for AHA members.

Question What equipment do I need to attend a webinar?

You can connect to webinars on any device which has access to an internet browser. Where there are internet connection problems a phone number is also provided, so you can listen via phone.

Question How will I connect to a live webinar?

After you have registered and paid, you will be sent a personal link a few days before the start of the webinar/series (including the back-up phone number). You should connect to each live session using your personal link at least 15 minutes ahead of the start time which applies to your location. Follow the screen prompts to be ready when the session begins.

Question How do I send my comments or questions during the live webinar?

During each live session the webinar program on your computer will have an interactive panel that will allow you to enter text in a 'Question Box'.

Question What should I do if I miss any live session?

Each live session is recorded. Recordings are made available 5 days after each session. Participants receive instructions on how to access recordings after the first live session.

Question Will there be recordings and how long will they stay available?

All recordings stay available for 10 weeks after the end of the full series.

Question Will there be hand-outs and how can they be accessed?

The availability of hand-outs is determined by the presenter. Whatever resources are supplied by the presenter will be located in the same online location as the recordings.

Participants receive instructions on how to access hand-outs after the first live session.

Question How can I communicate with the presenter?

During the live sessions you can enter comments or questions in the Question Box in the webinar program communications panel. There will be a question and answer session at the end of each live broadcast.

Question What about CPD/CPE points?

Each webinar contact hour attracts 1 CPD/CPE point.

Question Will CPD/CPE certificates be awarded?

In some cases a CPD/CPE certificate will be issued as a matter of course, in others a learning summary may need to be supplied before a certificate can be awarded.

Question When will a CPD/CPE certificate be issued automatically?

While the live webinar is in progress a report of participants is generated automatically, indicating the time each person has been online.

A certificate is awarded to those participants for which the report shows that they have attended the full session without interruption.

Question In which cases is a CPD/CPE certificate not awarded automatically?

A There may be a number of reasons why the webinar attendance report does not show your attendance in full.

• If your internet connection breaks down during a live session, the attendance report will only show the period of your first connection.
• If you are listening to the live session by phone rather than through your browser, the attendance report does not record your attendance.
• You may have missed a session altogether.

In all these circumstances you will be notified that you need to supply a learning summary before that you can be sent a CPD certificate.

Question When are CPD/CPE certificates issued?

Certificates are issued once all the required evidence about participation has been collected/submitted.

In case of a webinar series, this will only occur once the entire series has been completed.

Question How do I provide a learning summary?

Please send a summary of the material covered in the session to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can use the learning summary document provided below. Save it on your computer and send it as an email attachment.

Learning Summary Document



For webinar participants the recordings are made available for 10 weeks after the last live webinar session in a series or a single live webinar, whichever applies.

It is recommended that you have VLC installed, particularly if you are using a Mac computer. Otherwise you may not be able to access recordings.

Some webinar recordings are made available for hire. Contact the AHA National Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

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